Staging Services

K. Turner Transitions will professionally and tastefully “gift wrap” your home.

Transformations such as these have been proven to increase the re-sale value of some homes by 5% to 7%, freeing up your most valued asset allowing you to move forward comfortably and with confidence.


We were asked to go into to this beautiful empty home and make it look updated and inviting! So we did and all accomplished in six hours !
This is the third house that we have staged in two weeks, lots more to come.
Voila! Enjoy the virtual tour.
Click here for the Branded Tour.
Click here for the Non-Branded Tour.


In this example we used some of the client’s favourite personal belongings as well as placing additional accents and props to update and accentuate the beauty of this open concept bungalow. Sheers and heavy curtains were removed and replaced by soft accent panels allowing natural light to enter, illuminating these beautiful rooms. Wallpaper was removed and a soft paint tone added to match all of the existing colour schemes. All of this was done with a minimal cost to the client and the outcome very successful!

SOLD !!!!!