Transition Services

Ruth B.


Working with our client, Ruth, we successfully transitioned her from a large two bedroom condo(plus) to a 400 sq. foot suite in a Retirement Community. It was important to maximize the new space with creative solutions, while utilizing many of Ruth’s favourite personal belongings to ensure that she would feel “truly at home.” We created a beautiful and peaceful environment to help ease the move from a familiar location, ensuring that we would see another happy client. Success!


Phase One – Packing at the Condo

Phase Two – Arriving at the New Residence

Phase Three -Settling In



Helen D.


The potential challenge facing K. Turner Transitions with Helen’s move, from a 3 bedroom 1,200 sq. foot condo, was to downsize to a 500 sq. ft. suite. With great pleasure and ease we accomplished this task and Helen was happy and grateful for our many space saving suggestions.